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bill moseley

For over 28 years, veteran golf teaching professional & master club fitter, Bill Moseley, has been creating player confidence through advanced personalized training/coaching and the art/science of matching the best clubs to players. Bill utilizes proven theories of balance, optimal swing motion, and cause & effect training to help students play their best. Bill focuses on what the student naturally brings to the game and coaches with a personalized lesson plan based on the students learning style and individual traits.​

Bill Moseley owner Golf365 and teacher

“Helping people live better lives is my passion and drive. Playing great golf is a fantastic part of that.”

Bill Moseley

jake vetsch

Jake is a talented teacher who makes it his goal for all students to feel comfortable and confident while swinging the golf club. Jake developed a deep understanding of the golf swing while playing college golf and now is striving to pass on his knowledge on how to play better golf. Jake has a vast understanding of the mechanics of the golf swing and how to present them in a way that is easy to understand. He believes that everyone has the ability to play good golf and to have fun while doing so.


Jake says what makes teaching such a joy for him is when that little mental lightbulb goes off in the head of his students and it all starts to click for them. This is the reward for his efforts!

Jake runs the Golf365/Confidence Golf junior and youth programs because, in addition to helping adults, he loves kids and developing players. This takes a special teacher and it is apparent to all who experience training with Jake.