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our fitting experience - what makes us better
  • The Club Fitting Experience. True detailed interactive golf club fitting is an amazing experience. Ask questions, gain understanding and insight into this massive industry! See how we use the aboutGOLF simulator to show you detailed data that insures the best clubs for you. Come experience what enables us to make clubs for our customers that are uniquely fit for them.


  • The Master Fitter.  Bill Moseley brings a long 25 year history of proven fitting techniques and club fitting experience to discover the right clubs for you. Each person we fit and teach is unique. This understanding is central to a great club fitting experience. We don't fit you simply based on gender, age, weight, height, handicap. We find what best suits you and helps you make your best golf swing. Equipment that fits leads to easier swing improvements, confidence, and ultimately lower scores and better play. 

  • Precision Built Clubs. Golf365 builds with only the best in the industry.  We partner with the Henry-Griffitts Golf Company, an internationally renown original equipment and design company since 1982. Click on the HG description below to learn about this amazing club company.

  • Club Options. We also can recommend the best products from the large brand companies. We will explain the pros and cons of custom built versus custom ordered. If anything you'll learn a lot and have a blast doing it!

  • We Stand Behind What We Do! With a 100 day fit warranty we insure that every customer is completely satisfied with their clubs. We also have a one year build guarantee against defects of the equipment you have us build.

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For 36 years Henry-Griffitts Golf Co., an international original equipment design and manufacturing company, has understood and trained hundreds of teaching and fitting professionals that fitting and teaching are intergrated. HG understands that golfers learn by ball flight. If the golfers clubs are causing the ball to go right for example, they will do something in their swing to make the ball go straight. A teacher can try to fix those swing compensations all day long, but if they don’t get to the root of the problem (equipment) then the player will always revert back to the same motion. This is very confusing and frustrating for the golfer. We diagnose the issue, find the root problems and take steps to correct them. 


Golf365 partners with this amazing company to provide these elite clubs to our customers!  Watch how clubs should be made for all players!

Edel putter fitting cart
Edel Golf - Torque Balanced Putters

Edel Golf's industry leading putter fitting system offers players the unique ability to create a putter that is precisely fitted to every aspect of their putting stroke. A fitting session with an Edel Certified Fitter addresses variables such as geometric head shape, hosel design, offset, weight, sight line configuration, lie angle, loft, and length measurements to design a one-of-a-kind putter that is then hand made in Liberty Hill, Texas. 

Wedge Back Pincher Edel.png
Wedge Hero Edel.png
Wedge Sole Side Trapper.png
Edel Wedge Fitting System

Working with Hall of Fame PGA instructor Mike Adams the Edel design team crafted wedges to have the proper bounce and sole configuration to match your swing. The role of bounce is to offset a golfers forward shaft lean and the angle of attack at impact to minimize the effects of soil and turf conditions. Having the optimal bounce angle combined with the correct sole width on your wedge will result in less face twisting, more consistent clubhead speeds, increased spin, and consistent control of distances; drastically improving your shortgame. All Edel Wedges are Hand-Ground to specific weight, grind, bounce, sole-width, and optimal trail relief in our workshop in Liberty Hill, TX. Available in lofts 45°- 65°

Fit2Aim putters
Fit2Aim Putters

The putter is the most important club in your bag. It needs to work for you. Which means you want to be able to set up and instinctively feel like you can make any putt without over-thinking.

The key is offering a wide range of putter designs. Equipment like running shoes, bicycles and skis offer a wide variety of sizes and designs to improve performance. Fit2Aim uses Chris Aoki Putter Fitting Method to test putter design features that give you the capability to improve putting.