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Our Goal:

To help You play to your highest potential

Club Fitting

Golf365 Boise is a customer-centered golf business where we care deeply about results and quality of service. We merge two main business components, Golf365 (club centered) and Confidence Golf (golf instruction centered).


At a glance......

Golf365 offers comprehensive putter fitting and full bag driver, fairway metal, hybrid, iron, and wedge fitting.

Club Fitting

  • match you with clubs you will strike consistently well

  • clubs that promote your strongest, most reliable, swing

  • clubs that maximize distance

  • clubs that minimize missed shots and help you become as accurate as possible

Putter Fitting

  • discover putter design features which promote correct and consistent aim and alignment

  • determine the exact weight features of the putter that will give you control of distance and speed

Our fitting doesn't stop after the clubs are delivered.  We work with our clients to fine tune their equipment after delivery to insure the best fit has been achieved.

Additional club services:

  • In-depth ball flight analysis using the aboutGOLF simulator technology

  • Club distance gapping evaluation to help you know your clubs and how they perform


Confidence Golf

Confidence Golf lessons and instruction programs offer customized private golf lessons & instruction using a simple time-proven methodology focusing on your personal swing strengths to develop consistency, increased distance, bolstered confidence and a trusted swing. We couple all aspects of training with on course playing experiences to help you overcome your playing obstacles. Unlock your potential and develop deep playing CONFIDENCE!  

To contact us click here or text / call 208-615-0163 to schedule a visit.


in their 


Fun and collegial atmosphere! I have learned much about my swing and been more consistent as a result of coaching from Bill and the data the simulator provides. Thanks again!

- James G

Bill, I am enjoying my training so much, and really feel that I'm learning! It makes golf so much more fun! THANK YOU!

- Joyce L

Probably most efficient and informative training session I’ve ever had! Great technology and great help from Bill! Will definitely be back!

- AJ

After a 10 year absence from the game, we have experienced significant improvement under Bill's guidance.  He has communicated to us in a way that we can understand and make permanent changes.  We are grateful for the support that we have received and are excited to continue our journey of improvement."

- Will & Jerrie G 

Bill is the first golf coach that has pushed me to go further mentally and physically by teaching me how to trust my golf swing and have fun in the process!!"

- Marlene L. 

Bill is awesome. Extremely personable and worked with me in a way I can understand. He's interested in helping me approach golf the way I want to...whatever that may be. I am definitely looking forward to our future meetings.

- Jason Z.

 I went from wanting to quit the game of golf to enjoying every round I play!  I have gone from a 12.2 HNCP Index to a 6.0 in only a matter of months.  Bill understands the intricacies of the golf swing and works with the swing you have instead of trying to get you to swing outside of what your body allows.    - Shawn F

Bill has helped me concentrate on the strengths of my swing.  Making changes has been fun, simple and very productive. I have improved my swing path, swing speed, ball contact and short game!

     Bill can help all players with his experience and ability to communicate while keeping it simple.    - Mike J.