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Club Fitting Matters...

   These impact images show what can occur when you change different aspects of the golf club.  Head design, shaft length, shaft weight, shaft flex, kick point, grip size, and even shaft torque/twist are some of the club features that impact your ability to square the club-face and consistently hit "THE SWEET SPOT".  
   Our club fitting expertise thoroughly identifies the right combination so that you can make solid contact with the ball. 
Exceptional teachers know how clubs impact the motion of the swing and incorporate this knowledge into their students training.  
Accelerate your ability to get results and boost your learning process by training with clubs that fit you.



Finding the center of gravity i.e. "THE SWEET SPOT" of the club face has as much to do with your equipment as it does with your golf swing. Our drive is to marry these elements.
Finding the sweet spot consistently means optimum results. It means consistency.
It means playing with confidence. It means getting the most from your game.


Setting the lie angle to the individual is vital to getting correct feedback from the ball flight. We are the pioneers in this area and the leading expert in how to fit players to their dynamic lie angle. Most companies can move the lie angle only 2 degrees.  At Golf365 we have the ability to go 6 up to 5 flat. 



This spec is largely ignored in the golf industry. Offset heads and non-offset heads have completely different performance patterns. Finding the right one for you means hitting it on the correct shaft, at the correct length, and with the correct lie angle. 


You’ve heard that lighter is better for many years. That’s another marketing myth. Lighter is better for some, and heavier is better for others. We discover that during the fitting.


This is a spec that is in drivers, fairway woods and hybrids. It can have a large influence on direction and trajectory. Most of the woods and hybrids in the stores are set up with closed faces. That isn’t what everyone needs. We fit closed faces, square faces and open faces.


With off-the-rack selling there is not much difference in shaft flex. Some manufacturers will call one shaft a stiff flex while another will designate the same shaft as a senior flex. We have the largest range of flexes in golf. 


Longer isn’t better. Neither is shorter. The correct length for each individual golfer encourages contact in the sweet spot. Golf365 can fit clubs to the length that will enhance your balance and allow you to repeatedly hit the ball in the sweet spot.

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