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The Club Manufacturers We Trust...

An expert fitting is just the start to actual CUSTOM clubs. True custom clubs are set apart from the rest of the industry as a result of the building process. Hand built/crafted clubs produce exact tolerances for club weight parameters, length, loft, lie angle, flex, shaft quality, shaft energy and performance, and true club set matching is where actual CUSTOM BUILT clubs shine. What good is the club fitting if the end product is still mass produced and not thoroughly tested?

You decide.......Tour player quality for every golfer. 


Henry-Griffitts is the World’s Most Experienced Custom Club Builder!

Founded 40 years ago in northern Idaho by two curious and innovative golf professionals. HG was the first company to make the connection of how different equipment specs negatively and positively changed the swings of their students. Well, here we are 40 years later with the same spirit of the founders. Fitting people with equipment that actually fits and helps the player's swing. HG only sells through trusted teaching professionals because you need that level of experience to truly fit golf equipment. HG Golf, clubs built like no others.

 Click here for the Henry-Griffitts Golf website.

The designers and technicians at Edel Golf pride themselves on the development of fitting systems which find the golfer the perfect fitted golf clubs. Constantly innovating our process and continuing to educate our Certified Fitters allows us to trust that we are making you clubs that will stay in your bag for seasons to come. Our industry changing (SMS )Swing Match Weighting Technology System is making changes that will revolutionize club design. We are proud to partner with the professionals at Golf365 who have deep understanding of club and putter fitting and have been fitting golfers for over 25 years! See how this can improve your game! Click here for the Edel website.

HG Golf builds each club using SST Pureing technology. Shaft Pureing makes a huge difference in how the clubs perform and feel. Click here to learn more about SST Shaft Pureing Technology.

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