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Golf simulator technology has come a long way over the last 20 years. aboutGOLF Simulators have led this industry for much of that time. Using multiple ultra-high speed cameras this sim locates nuances in ball and club data that other sims miss. Golf365 uses this technology because of it's unparalleled accuracy and usable ball flight data points. We need the best so that our customers get the best results.
Services offered in the aG Sim:
  • Swing Training - visual and data driven feedback produce faster results in our training
  • Playing lessons and golf course management
  • Highly detailed and accurate club fitting
  • Club distance comparisons and custom club gapping services 

As an indoor training system, I think a golfer could actually gain A LOT more insight into their swing from a lesson utilizing the aboutGolf simulator when compared to a typical lesson on the range in the same amount of time. 

-MyGolfSpy Review

Looking to demo the best simulator on the market for your personal use? The aboutGOLF (aG) Simulator is the trusted brand of the PGA Tour. Schedule a demo and see this amazing and realistic technology.
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