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  • What are your business hours?
    Our hours of operation are Monday-Sunday 9:00a.m.-7:00p.m. We encourage everyone to make an appointment so that we can ensure we have time to meet with you. However, if your are by the Golf365 studio and our OPEN sign is on, come on in and see what we are about!
  • How do I schedule an appointment?
    From our website click the CONTACT tab at the top of the page and email, text, or call one of our teachers. You should receive a response within the same day!
  • How long is the complimentary consultation?
    We usually schedule 30 minutes for this. Much depends on how much we chat and what testing needs to be done.
  • What does the consultation entail?
    The complimentary consultation gives you an opportunity to get to know us. Ask us questions, see the training studio, and see what we have to offer you. It gives us a chance to see your swing (or no swing if you are a beginner) and do a bit of testing for balance and current ability. This is where we can talk about goals and what results you are seeking. There is no obligation, just a good chance to break the ice and see if you want to hire us. It's fun and completely stress free. Contact us and find out! We dare you 😎😆!
  • Can you fit my current clubs to me?
    Yes! (Sort of 😉) There are multiple levels of fitting clubs. From a master fitting with custom builds to simple adjustments of your current clubs, we can help. However, adjustments to current clubs can be limited to the materials and specs of the club itself. Call Bill for a more detailed answer.
  • How long does a club fitting take?
    For a full bag fitting, including putter, wedges, irons, hybrids, fairway metals and driver the time allotted is 2-4 hours. We like to break these down into segments over multiple appointments so that you are able to stay fresh and at your best for each segment. We can schedule this for one day if you'd like. Just plan on lots of swinging and taking our time to get it done right. For each club segment it is 1-2 hours. Putter, wedges and irons as one segment. Driver and fairway metals as a segment.
  • How much do you charge for club fitting?
    The standard rate for a full bag of club fitting is $275. However if you purchase a minimum of $500 worth of custom equipment we drop the price down to $120. Single segment fittings for Putter, Driver, Wedges, Fairway Metals are $60 each.
  • What clubs do you sell?
    We exclusively sell Henry-Griffitts Golf Clubs and Edel Golf Clubs. In our research and experience these two companies build vastly superior clubs as each club is built by hand and to the tightest tolerances in the golf industry. This insures the clubs you order match the clubs you fit for in the fitting system. No other Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) can claim this about their fitted clubs. For more detail as to WHY THIS MATTERS please call Bill and get more information. You'll be glad you did!
  • Do your clubs cost more because they are custom builds?
    Depends on what you are comparing prices with. We will definitely be more expensive than a typical "set" purchased at a large retailer. But, on the high end of the price point scale you will find our club prices very competitive.
  • Do you only sell sets of clubs or can I buy them individually?
    Great question! We build clubs per specification whether you want a full set or you can buy as few or as many as you like. Many of our customers have found they save money by purchasing only the clubs they need for their set makeup. Why buy 14 clubs when all you use or need are 7-10? This can add up to big savings!
  • Do you fit junior clubs?
    Yes! We have a fantastic junior club program designed to "grow with the junior player". Buy a fitted set of clubs and we will reshaft, adjust lie angles, and put new grips on so that the clubs grow as your child grows. This is a fantastic program and really helps your child get off on the right foot with clubs that help them succeed. Buy 1 club or 10. It's all based on your needs!
  • Do you fit custom putters?
    We do! We sell the best putters in the industry. We fit the putter for multiple aspects to insure proper aim and excellent distance control. For further research contact us or visit Edel Golf website.
  • Do you fit custom wedges?
    Yes we do! We carry two specific custom wedge brands. Both brands offer multiple shaft options, custom sole grinding, custom loft designation, and swing weighting. All designed to help you spin the ball and get it closer to the hole! See our club page on the website to learn more.
  • Can you help with my club distance gapping?
    Yes we can! The aboutGOLF Tour simulator is fantastic for helping you discover current club distance gapping. We take those results and can make loft and lie adjustments in the Golf365 studio to correct any gaps discovered in the gapping process. The club bending process will only work on irons that are made with steel that can be bent. Contact us to find out if your clubs are bendable.
  • Can you re-shaft my current golf clubs?
    Yes! We can do this multiple ways... If you know the shaft you want we have the technicians at the HG factory order the shafts and install them for you. This process includes, shaft SST Puring and new grips. The cost is $85 per club unless the shaft you want is more expensive. If you need guidance in the shaft you need we schedule a fitting to determine the best shaft for you. This includes shaft weight, shaft torque, shaft length, shaft flex, club swing weight, and grip type and size. The cost of this shaft fitting is $80 and then we can have the clubs re-shafted at the HG factory. We can perform the fitting to discover the correct shaft for you and you can take the information and have the work performed at a location of your choice.
  • Can you help optimize my adjustable driver?
    Yes! We can perform a driver optimization using the aboutGOLF simulator and dial in the best position for spin rate, launch angles, distance increase and accuracy. The cost for this session is $80
  • Do you work with all levels of ability, beginners, kids?
    YES! Our teachers are proficient at helping all levels of ability. We've worked with raw, "never touched a club in my life" students, to high level competitive players. Wherever you fit in this spectrum we can help you get the results you desire!
  • Do you teach only in the studio?
    We use the studio exclusively when weather demands. However, we teach outside at local courses when the weather allows. This is the best of both worlds!
  • Do you do on course playing lessons?
    Great question! We frequently teach on the golf course. The have found that this is the best place to really see how well your swing is holding up and to discover any weaker areas in your game. Whether that is decision making, strategic planning, short game specific, or complete game management. This is usually one of the most beneficial types of lessons for our students. Playing lessons can be either 4 holes (1 hour) or 9 holes (2 hours). The cost runs between $120 and $240.
  • How much are your training sessions/lessons?
    Our rates per training session vary depending of the teacher you choose. You'll pay a bit more for a more experienced teacher. You can expect to pay between $50 and $70 per session. Contact a teacher from the website and get more details.
  • How long do training sessions last?
    This question is quite common. Our answer is, "Depends of the player". But, a good rule of thumb is 30 minutes to an hour. This can be longer depending on what the session is focused that day and what the student can tolerate. Whatever we do we do it to optimize our time together for the deepest and most long lasting results.
  • Do you offer junior golf programs?
    YES! Phil and Jake have multiple Summer Golf Camps from April through August. We will publish those dates once they have been established. Contact Jake or Phil for more information of the Golf365 Junior Camps.
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